Quirky Sleeps


There are a lot more interesting places to spend the night on a road trip than in one of the typical motels found at Interstate exits. Travelers can instead spend the night in castles, cabooses, lighthouses, caves, tree houses, yurts, former jails, Hobbit homes, silos, tall ships, and a host of other unique lodging.

We were intrigued by the idea of staying at these kinds of unusual places, so we spent a summer on the road visiting them, staying at as many as we could. It was an amazing 22,200-mile road trip! Our lodging experiences greatly exceeded our expectations. The lodgings ranged from rustic to resort quality, from child-friendly to romantic, and from historically accurate to imaginatively original. Their owners are generally interesting and accessible. And the experience is often conducive to socializing, as many places host cocktail hours or afternoon teas, or have relaxing gathering spots like fire pits or hot tubs.

Quirky Sleeps describes 138 unusual and fun places that are located over 42 states. It tells you how to contact them and what you need to know to get the most enjoyment out of your visit. No matter where you live and whether you are looking for a romantic weekend, a family outing, or a whimsical getaway, you will find the makings for a memorable stay in this book. Take it with you wherever you travel as a guide to a little adventure.

Quirky Sleeps: Some of America’s Most Fun Places to Spent the Night
ISBN 978-0-692-24261-2
$18.95 – 300 pages.